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Investment publications and online productions include The best selling book “Small Cap Millionaire” (available on Amazon) and the internationally recognized Small Cap Millionaire Podcast.


The (SCM) website and small cap millionaire podcast are primarily  learning tools and online podcast resources for do – it -yourself, high risk tolerance investors. The website and podcast caters to investors interested in small cap equity, crypto currency and blockchain. As a result the website and podcast should be used as an additional source of ideas to supplement other ideas-hopefully more conservative ideas- that you may receive from other sources including your professional licenced investment advisor. It is advised all small cap or speculative investing whether executed inside a self directed account or managed account be vetted by a professional investment advisor or portfolio manager.

At we take pride in delivering unique high value training experiences covering a broad range of topics. We also deliver by invitation only, small cap and crypto world conferences and seminars which allow members the opportunity to learn and connect with uniquely qualified thinkers and industry leaders sourced from a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Investors are always looking for the best investment advice available and for an edge in a competitive market. What makes us unique, will make you unique in the eyes of your clients.


No other research firm offers the FABS 4 – Q2 thinking Small Cap Equity and Crypto World research approach, backed by our proprietary AI algorhythm’s.


SCM is the only independent research firm in North America that is partnered with numerous independent CFA charter holders and forensic accountants to deliver high quality independent advice and opportunity.

“Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge”

                                                                    Leonardo da Vinci

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Learning how to recognize unique investment opportunities in a complex environment and produce superior risk adjusted returns is critical to your success. 


Separating fact from fiction in a market saturated with incomprehensible noise is a crucial skill. Learning to critically think your way to a logical conclusion and steer away from the impulsive crowd is ultimately what produces differentiated results. 


Experience and humility is the tuition one pay’s to gain greater trading insight, and it is far more valuable that than raw intellect or a crystal ball.


To hit a bullseye you need to calmly take dead aim at the target and fire without reservation. Staying focused on your unique investment habitat and drilling down into the sector specific nuances gives you the intelligence and opportunity to make a great trades.

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”

                                                                    William Shakespeare

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