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About Us

We are a peer to peer collective of like minded individuals, accredited Chartered Financial Analyst’s, portfolio managers, financial planners, sector specific business advisors, academics, economists, and forensic accountants. Together we share ideas themes and Insight to grow the collective awareness in the sector.

The Goal

Our goal is to share insights from both our professional and non professional peer to peer collective network. These insights are shared through blogging, seminars and specialized educational products designed to make you a better informed self directed investor.

The thinking behind our products and services :


We utilize a proprietary 4 step FABS  process incorporating both quantitative and qualitative analysis (Q2 thinking) .


We augment that approach with  our proprietary artificial intelligence protocols in an effort to find the small cap market, industry group or individual stock that will outperform all others in a given year.


Our stock selection and thinking is fundamentally momentum based, and our habitat is the north American equity markets .


Our investment style is momentum based growth at a reasonable price (GARP) with a contrarian bent, looking for change anomalies that expose the gems that many investors overlook.


We are independent stock market research analysts , risk aware, rules based ,and diligent at filtering market noise .


We resist behavioral biases and focus on the drivers that move stocks upward and to the right on the charts.


Bill Ross CEO, Author and Founder of


Much of my 20 plus years in the investment industry has been spent developing tools that help me think in an original way or assist me in moving forward and learning from my past mistakes. The ability to filter noise and focus on the ball going in the hole, is distilled down to the 4 step FABS and Q2 thinking process augmented by our artificial intelligence protocols.

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